quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2006

Good News (Mini ECO Book PT BR)

Hi guys !

This week I was a litle busy here with the service,
so many news are comming, one of then is that Peter Morris allowed me to translate the Mini Eco Book about Eco Services !
Probably until the end of the next week it will be ready !

Another news is that I've missed the day to send my Article to concur an Delphi 2006 from clube delphi magazine, so I will be finishing the text of my article and posting it here, probably it will have 3 parts! In that article I explain how to use expression handles, currency managers, comboboxes, Eco State Machines, some OCL tips and another things.

Keep eye on it ;)
Ps.: Maybe I delay a litle bit becuse I've finished some projects this days but I will try my best to post it all until the end of next week.


2 comentários:

Canesqui disse...

Post it in english too. For those who at least read english.


Diego M. Garcia disse...

Hi Canesqui,
What do you want I post in english ?