quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2007

Rem Objects and Dbx Driver with Delphi 2007

I'm testing Rem Objects with Delphi 2007.
I've founded a litle problem when trying to connect to a database using the dbx driver of rem objects, the error was "DLL/Shared Library Name not Set", to solve that litle problem you just have to recompile the file DADBXDrv.dpr that is located on RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for Delphi\Source\Drives and after that you have to copy and replace the file DADBXDrv.dad that was created at the folder RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for Delphi\Bin to the folder RemObjects Software\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin

Now you can use the wizard and connect to a db using the DBX drive and everthing will work fine.

Thanks to Evgeny Karpov that helps to solve this litle problem.

And thanks to everybody,
Diego M. Garcia

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