sexta-feira, 12 de maio de 2006

Demo Project, Using ECO (Maded to ClubeDelphi concurse)

Hi guys,
Well I dont have much time this days to put anything here in the blog, or even to finish the complete article of this demo or the ECO book translation, so I decided to post the complete project before I realease all the explanation about it. I was doing this tutorial for an concurse of the ClubeDelphi Magazine but I was busy and couldnt finished . . . yet.
I will finished but dont have any extimated time to do it becuse first I need to finish the ECO Book translation first and work work work .... then I will finish it :/

Here is the complete project code to study.

Clube Delphi Project

Any doubts or sugestions post an comment here or mail me, I will be glad on answear :)


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